The Massage

I qualified as a massage therapist in 1993. My initial training was in Swedish oil massage, deep tissue and aromatherapy. In 2021 I attended Jing Advanced Massage Training and gained an additional qualification, ‘Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage Techniques’, which has given me additional techniques to treat chronic pain, particularly in the key areas of lower back, neck and shoulders.

I offer a 30 minute targeted massage, a 60 minute full body massage and a 90 minute indulgence massage. I utilise my skill set to customize the treatment to suit the client’s needs and wants on the day. I use modalities such as, Deep tissue, Trigger point therapy, Table shiatsu, Myofascial release and the power of the ‘listening touch’. I use a vegan friendly wax or oil medium to provide a comfortable deeply relaxing, healing, and therapeutically supportive experience.

I provide a confidential space for my clients. Prior to each treatment, there will be a relaxed consultation so we will go into the massage clear on what supports the client best on the day. The deep tissue massage can be both uplifting and relaxing. It soothes and helps to remove knots while gradually warming up and softening muscle tissues and fascia. This prepares the body for gentle assisted stretching for a deeper nourishing massage. Throughout the treatment the client is guided to maintain a steady, deep, and rhythmic flow of breath to assist in the release of physical and emotional tensions.

I offer massage for women, in a safe place where they can relax and trust and give themselves the time and permission to heal.


Is Massage for Me?

Lowers stress and increases relaxation

Massage is proven to lower stress and increase relaxation. There is new evidence emerging all the time showing the benefits of massage and touch in supporting mental and emotional health. It directly boosts the immune system, reduces pain and muscle soreness and tension.

It helps the body to renew itself and reverse the effects of stress.​

Massage improves the circulation of blood and lymph; it helps the body to renew itself and reverse the effects of stress. Women, especially, need to focus on relaxation for therapeutic purposes. Women have unique health concerns that require special attention, whether it be unexplained pelvic pain, postpartum depression or hormonal fluctuations from menopause. At every stage of life, women face unique challenges, and so must take extra time for self-care and enhanced wellness. And it’s not just physical ailments women need to look out for. With such societal pressure on women, it is crucial that mental wellbeing is also nurtured.

I honestly believe that by allowing ourselves that window of time to just relax and let go and concentrate on our own health and wellbeing we are saying to ourselves and to the world, we do deserve this, we are precious, and we will take care of ourselves.

Especially beneficial during difficult times

My massage addresses the physical tensions and problems, that usually have their origins in unresolved traumas or emotional issues. Massage is especially beneficial during difficult times, such as stress, loss or grief, and for easing long term anxiety and fear. 

The benefits my massage provides

Benefits reported by my clients include: 

• Deep relaxation

• Feeling uplifted and less stressed

• Improved sleep pattern

• Relief from anxiety, feeling happier

• Improved flexibility and posture

• Increased energy

• Reconnecting with oneself

• Overall improved feeling of wellbeing


Absolutely marvellous massage today with Jacqueline. It was a mixture of technically masterful and very nurturing and soothing. I’ve never felt so relaxed. I really respect that she is offering a more reasonable rate for an hour, because she is committed to people being able to afford massage as a part of their well being.
Jacqueline is like a magician - her kind words and even kinder touch have left me feeling amazing for weeks. Such a relaxing and respectful experience. I would highly recommend the 90 minute massage for the ultimate in self care and self love xx
East Sussex
Hands down the best masseuse I have ever been to. I now see Jacqueline regularly for full body massages to help manage my Fibromyalgia and M.E. I have been to many deep tissue and sports masseues over the years, in different locations across the UK, but Divine Light Holistics is honestly the best. Not only is it a fantastic massage, it's a lovely, calming and spiritual atmosphere. Jacqueline always listens to my body and will apply more pressure to areas that may be particularly bad. Not without regularly checking in with me though.
She is the best.